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Search Ad Spend Up 10+% Worldwide for 2017

A recent report was published from Adthena that looked at a variety of different aspects of the overall digital ad industry. Based on their information, it is clear that the overall ad industry is doing quite well, and most of the different types of ads are continuing to grow and improve.

The overall global search ad spend grew by 10.4% in 2017, which is great news for many publishers looking to make revenue on their sites using ads. This is actually good news for advertisers as well as it is a strong indication that this type of marketing is working quite well.

Google, which they reported controls 93% of the mobile search market, also showed great growth. Their Shopping ads, which appear on the search engine results pages for many search terms, grew quite significantly.

For the first time, mobile surpassed desktop ads for search advertising revenue. Mobile drove 54% of all the ad revenue in search. As more and more people continue to use their mobile devices for their normal day to day searches, this number is only expected to expand.

Overall the news continues to be strong for advertising in general, and search engine advertising specifically. The one big area of concern is the fact that Google continues to dominate such a massive percentage of this industry, which can result in limited options for users.

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Pesach Lattin

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