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GDPR Could Cause Brands to Lose 40% of Web Traffic!

As the requirements of GDPR are being implemented, many people are wondering just what type of impact it will have. Email service provider MailJet conducted some research, and found that marketers will likely lose about 40% of their web traffic because of these new regulations.

While this is currently only going to be law in Europe, many people expect similar legislation to be passed in the US and other countries. In addition, global companies may simply implement the same standards for all their customers rather than trying to target only those in the EU.

The research was done by gathering data from a number of sources, including looking at 400 marketers in the UK and France. In it, they found that about 30% of these marketers are planning on reducing their investment into cookie-based display ads due to these regulations.

The companies say they will be redirecting some of their budgets into direct communication channels including email and social messenger services. The ads that took advantage of cookies have long been effective at driving targeted traffic.

Of course, the full impact of this regulation won’t be known for many months at the least. This early research, however, is quite concerning for marketers who are making a living with online ads to drive traffic.

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Pesach Lattin

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