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New Music Ad Options Come from BrandSpins’ Acquisition of Tone Technology

BrandSpins is a digital music distribution company that helps to add value to brands, artists, and consumers by integrating with retailer eCommerce sites and other platforms to help boost sales. The company has recently acquired Tone, which is a technology company that allows advertisers to deliver graphic ads to mobile devices when the devices hear a specialized tone in music.

This unique type of advertising embeds an imperceptible tone into any song, which phones or tablets can pick up. When they hear the tone, they will display an ad to the consumer. This could be an ad for event tickets, a t-shirt, some other product, or just about anything else that would make sense.

While it is a fairly niche type of advertising, it certainly has the potential to convert very well for some brands and marketers. They are now working with, which is the largest music licensing company with the most ‘pre-cleared’ tracks to use in radio and television advertisements. The combined technologies and relationships of these companies is making it possible to have these innovative advertisements begin to spread and get wider adoption.

The CEO of BrandSpins and, Billy Tuchscher, commented on the arrangement, “It is pretty impressive to be listening to a radio ad and magically have a coupon, flyer, or event ticket show up on your phone. The technology is solid. All the inventors needed was a music catalog, method of distribution, and big brand relationships. We have all that.”

Specifically, they have major brand relationships with companies like Budweiser, AirBnB, McDonald’s, Disney, Nike, Visa, and many other companies. This is in addition to being available for smaller digital marketers looking to promote their brand.

Anyone looking for a unique way to reach out to potential consumers will want to look into this new and innovative type of ad tech to see if it would work well for them.

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