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Report: Tablets Driving the Highest Click-Through Rates

The Drawbridge Q3 2017 Cross-Device Advertising Benchmark Report was recently released, and provided some valuable insights into how to take best advantage of digital marketing. This report looked at billions of unique ad impressions that were served from July 1st to September 30th of 2017. The information was compiled and released into this report.

One of the most significant things found is that tablets produce the best click through rates, at 1.13%. This applies to a variety of the most important verticals including retail, technology, travel, utilities, automotive, consumer product goods, education, financial, and more.

Brian Ferrario, the VP of marketing at Drawbridge, said, “Tablets are not replacing desktops, which was once predicted. If anything tablets are merging with phones. Every device is becoming mobile, and the trick is to be present where the customer is.”

Focusing marketing plans on tablets can help to boost traffic and increase sales, if handled properly. For example, video completion rates were high on tablets, which is an essential goal of marketing. Getting consumers to view an entire video ad will help ensure your whole message gets across, which will improve conversion rates even further.

While tablet usage performed best, smartphones and even desktops also showed signs of improvement in many key verticals.

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Pesach Lattin

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