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By 2020 Half of All Advertising Budgets will be Spent Online

According to the media agency Magna, in 2018 44% of all advertising money spent globally will be spent on digital. This is $237 billion to spent on things like video ads, social ads, search ads, and more. What is perhaps more impressive is the fact that by 2020, the agency predicts that 50% of the total global ad budget will be spent online.

Offline ads include things like TV, print ads, billboards, movie theater ads, and much more. Prior to little more than two decades ago, these were the only options out there. Today, they are quickly being pushed back by digital ads.

Despite the rapid growth in digital, however, many offline ad options are still actually performing quite well with respectable growth rates. They are just being outpaced by the incredible growth of many types of digital advertising.

Businesses will likely spend $147 billion on mobile advertising alone in 2018, which is up 27% from 2017. This is a very large number given that it wasn’t all that long ago where only a very small percentage of users in the world had access to phones that could do anything but the most rudimentary of mobile advertisements.

Chief Executive of Adidas, Kasper Rorsted, said “All of our engagement with the consumer is through digital media and we believe in the next three years we can take our online business from approximately 1 billion euros ($1.06 Billion) to 4 billion euros and create a much more direct engagement with consumers.”

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