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Women’s Site LifeScript is Ready to Shut their Doors

Lifescript, one of the largest co-reg and lead generation companies in the business is insolvent according to employees of the company including their Vice President of Media, Sal Guarino. There have been rumors that the market for their services fell in the last 12 months with losing tons of clients to other platforms, but more importantly to programmatic display which has cut out their pricing model.

I received an interesting text message also claiming that they are buying media that they can not afford. ““Pace, Lifescript is closing and they are doing deals all over for cpc traffic. High payouts they will never pay”

According to Sal Guarino, “As my six+ year stint with Lifescript, Inc. has come to a close due to their insolvency, I’m chatting with some colleagues about eventual digital opportunities while continuing to work on other ventures…”

LifeScript billed itself as the #1 website dedicated to women’s health, founded in 1999. The company had over 100 employees in multiple offices, but in the last year most of the staff had been let go.

One employee told us over LinkedIn that the company “is completely gone” and that has no funding.

We could not reach anyone at time of publishing from LifeScript.

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