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Toby Gabriner Named CEO of AdRoll

AdRoll is a widely-adopted performance marketing platform, and has named a new CEO. The current CEO, who is also the co-founder of the company, Aaron Bell, is moving into the role of Chief Product Officer where he will oversee engineering, products, UX, data science, and supply. The new CEO is moving into the position from his previous role as President of the company. Tony Gabriner has been a successful CEO of four other companies, and served in executive leadership roles in five others.

Aaron Bell commented on the change saying, “AdRoll was founded around building the best technology to help businesses grow, and we have our most transformational roadmap ahead of us. Toby and I have forged a remarkable partnership over the last 12 months, and I look forward to continuing the work we’ve begun in our new roles. As a complement to Toby’s leadership and talents, I welcome the opportunity to draw on my passion for innovation and take AdRoll to new heights.”

Mr. Gabriner also commented on his new position, “As the industry is evolving, so is AdRoll. Looking to 2018, we’re pursuing an ambitious vision for the company, merging data, marketing, and advertising technologies to better serve our customers. With Aaron as Chief Product Officer, we are doubling down on building products that help our clients grow, and laying the groundwork for our next phase as a company. I couldn’t be more excited about our progress to date, and the opportunity ahead of us.”

AdRoll has been in business 10 years, and continues to grow and expand as a private business. They have finally reached profitability this year, and expect the coming year to be even better. This is an exciting move for the company. Congratulations to Mr. Gabriner and Mr. Bell on their new roles.

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