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Retailers are Preparing for the Holidays Earlier This Year

A recent survey was conducted by BigCommerce, which found that most retailers (88%) are expecting to see a higher overall holiday revenue this year than last.  In addition, 37% of the respondents to the survey reported that they are making their holiday sales and marketing plans earlier this year than they did in the past. BigCommerce is an eCommerce software provider, which provides services mostly to B2C retailers that have an annual earnings ranging from under $50,000 all the way up to $1 million+.

The survey also looked at where the revenue is expected to come from. 64% of the people who responded to the survey said they expect to earn most of their holiday revenue from their own branded website. Around 25% from an owned retail store, and 23% from Amazon.

When looking at specific marketing strategies, 51.6% reported that they expect their Facebook campaigns to be the most successful this year. 51.2% said that they think their email marketing campaigns will yield the best results. Obviously the respondents could choose more than one option. Other options that ranked lower were Google Shopping, SEO campaigns, Instagram, and other social media.

To help attract customers, most retailers reported that they plan on doing some type of promotion. Most commonly, they will offer a price discount. Other popular options are free shipping, expedited shipping, flash sales, and more.

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