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Is Mobile Really The Best Option for YouTube Advertising?

If you ask a typical marketer what type of device should be targeted when buying YouTube ads, the most common answer would undoubtedly be smartphones. As the rapid move from desktop devices over to mobile options continues, this choice would make great sense. The problem is, it might be the wrong move according to the latest report from Strike Social titled, “Q3 2017 Data Report: YouTube’s Generational Divide.”

The report found that for Baby Boomers, the desktop is still the option with the most popular option, with a view rate at 30.9% for desktop, 27.9% for smartphone, and 27.8% for tablets. Millennials also watched more on desktops with 30% there, and 27.3% on smartphones and 27.1% on tablets.

This is largely because of the fact that while people might choose a smartphone for one or two videos, they will often move to the desktop when watching a larger number of videos.

Jason Nesbitt is the VP of Media and Agency Operations at Strike Social, and said this of the report, “In another myth-busting surprise, although mobile is becoming more popular, it’s not the go-to device to watch YouTube content. Desktop users are much more likely to be willing to slow down, dive into a lot of YouTube content and view a couple of ads while they’re at it. Mobile users are more often on the go and won’t linger quite as long.”

Using the information in the report can be very helpful in planning out how to conduct effective marketing on YouTube. The report can be found HERE.

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