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BREAKING: RevMoutain, RoiRunner, RevGuard Taken Down by Feds

Blair McNea – CEO @ RevGuard

The FTC has charged Blair McNea, Danielle Foss, Jennifer “Jenny Frederick” Johnson et al. with running 59 illegal negative-option “personal care” websites to dupe people into ordering products for which they are charged repeatedly.

A source in the industry told us that “RevMountain and RevGuard” have been “shut down” and people are scrambling to find other solutions.

According to the suit, since the mid 2000’s the defendants have been in business in the negative option personal care space. The suit alleges that they lied and defrauded banks and merchants by creating fake landing pages that were approved for credit card purchases, while in reality promoting ones that were not legal.

The suit alleges, that these “back door” pages often did not mention that consumers would be charges after “free trials” or that they would be charged month after month.

In some cases, the suit claims the defendants just lied about the costs of products, charging much more than the price listed on the offers.

Making this suit worse, one of the companies RevGuard, sells itself as a compliance and customer service company to prevent these type of things from happening. It seems that instead of helping their clients prevent fraud and charge backs, if the lawsuit is correct, they actually did the opposite and helped them commit fraud?

Here are the defendants: Revmountain LLC; Roadrunner B2C LLC dba Revgo; Wave Rock LLC; Juniper Solutions LLC; Jasper Woods LLC; Wheeler Peak Marketing LLC; Roirunner LLC; Cherry Blitz LLC; Flat Iron Avenue LLC; Absolutely Working LLC; Three Lakes LLC; Bridge Ford LLC; How and Why LLC; Spruce River LLC; Trimxt LLC; Elation White LLC; Ivorypro LLC; Doing What’s Possible LLC; Revguard LLC; Revlive! LLC; Blue Rocket Brands LLC; Convertis LLC; Convertis Marketing LLC; Turtle Mountains LLC; Boulder Black Diamond LLC; Mint House LLC; Thunder Avenue LLC; University And Folsom LLC; Boulder Creek Internet Solutions Inc.; Walnut Street Marketing Inc.; Snow Sale LLC; Brand Force LLC; Wild Farms LLC; Salamonie River LLC; Indigo Systems LLC; Night Watch Group LLC; Newport Crossing LLC; Greenville Creek LLC; Brookville LaneLLC; Anasazi Management Partners LLC; Honey Lake LLC; Condor Canyon LLC; Brass Triangle LLC; Solid Ice LLC; Sandstone Beach LLC; Desert Gecko LLC; Blizzardwhite LLC; Action Pro White LLC; First Class Whitening LLC; Spark Whitening LLC; Titanwhite LLC; Dental Pro At Home LLC; Smile Pro Direct LLC; Circle of Youth Skincare LLC; Dermaglam LLC; Sedona Beauty Secrets LLC; Bellaathome LLC; Skinnyiq LLC; Body Tropical LLC; Blair McNea; Danielle Foss; and Jennifer Johnson.

Editorial Note: I’d love to hear from you about this, and what you are doing to find new customer service, and if RevGuard helped defraud customers. Email me

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