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More Major Financial Penalties Coming for Google from the EU?

We reported last week that Google was being fined a record setting $2.7 Billion from the EU due to their Google Shopping strategies, but that could just be the beginning.  EU Antitrust regulators are currently looking into AdSense advertising, and the Android OS to see if they are being used in a way that stifles competition.

On top of that, EU’s Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that they may begin probing travel related services, such as Google Maps.

While additional penalties aren’t a sure thing, and Google may still appeal the $2.7 billion penalty already assessed, it could be a very costly year for the search giant. The EU really seems to have it out for Google though, so it is unlikely that they will stop looking at their practices and issuing fines and penalties.

Some people wonder if certain people within the EU simply see Google (and other American tech giants) as a cash cow from which they can keep pulling more and more money from to boost their own budgets and economies.

At some point, one needs to think that Google and other firms might just think that it is no longer worth it to do business in areas that are so hostile and have so much risk for lawsuits.

Keeping a close eye on the investigations that are being done, and any fines that are issued, will be important for many people who use or work with any of the Google services going forward.

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