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New Tools for Marketers Released from Vimeo

Vimeo is a very popular online video platform, similar to YouTube. They have been seeing a lot of success lately, but haven’t been able to use that to draw marketers to the site. To hopefully help solve that issue, Vimeo is launching a new set of tools that will provide solutions to a lot of the issues that marketers may have had on the site.

Business members will be able to add in fields to entice viewers to provide their email address, for example. This will be done either during or after a video has been viewed. Having the ability to capture emails through video is a big perk, and will be integrated with many of the top email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact.

This and other tools are being made available to those with a business membership, which allows up to 5TB of video storage on their site. The business membership costs $599 per year.

In addition to these changes, they are making adjustments to the overall formatting of their site to be more mobile friendly. This includes adding in eight new display options, the ability to add clickable background images, and customizable thumbnails.

Given the incredible growth of video, and these great tools, marketers should take the time to look at this growing site to see how it can be worked into their overall efforts.

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