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New Gambling Affiliate from EntroBet Launched

Most performance marketers are always keeping an eye out for a new affiliate program that they can join to increase their income and add in additional income streams. For those who want to add in a new program, EntroBet is launching a new program, which will be powered by NetRefer.

EntroBet is part of the SMN Group NV, and they offer a variety of gaming focused options to their users. They have a diverse array of betting options including pre-game bets, live sports betting, and much more.

The program will be primarily used by those in Europe since online casinos like this are illegal in the United States. Some US based marketers, however, may be able to take advantage of the program depending on a variety of factors.

Christer Frestad, the Managing Director at EntroBet, commented on the new program saying, “We have had nothing but good experiences with NetRefer throughout the implementation process of their cutting-edge affiliate program. Their interface made the transition easier than expected, both for the affiliates and for the affiliate managers. The NetRefer Academy and their Client Knowledge Base helped managers in the process to complete tasks in an efficient manner. Their tools of tracking also helped us to break down the information thoroughly, as well as helping us to go to market effectively.”

Additional information on the program can be found by clicking HERE. The growing popularity of online casino gaming and sports betting makes this a program with a lot of potential to the savvy marketer.

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