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Consumers Hate Mobile Ads, Find Too Intrusive

A new survey from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has been released, and it found that people think mobile ads are becoming more intrusive. With the limited screen space available, people are more likely to notice these types of ads, and with more and more of them showing up, that can be a concern. Of course, marketers want consumers to notice these ads. Finding the right balance between getting noticed, and not being intrusive can be difficult.

The survey found that 90% of the respondents said that they recalled seeing an ad on their mobile browsers within a few days of seeing it. 61% reported that they believe there are more ads on their mobile devices than there was a year ago. Potentially most concerning is that 54% reported that they felt these ads were becoming more intrusive. Another potential issue is that only 6% said that they had an improved opinion of a product or brand after seeing a mobile ad.

The head of operations at AdBlock Plus commented on the survey saying, “Clearly the market for mobile advertising is growing, with over half of respondents reporting seeing more advertising since last year, and the 90 per cent recall statistics might be seen by some as an indicator that this growth is synonymous with increased advertising effectiveness. Moreover, it is a mistake to prioritize these broad statistics over those that indicate how mobile advertising is actually experienced by its target audience – only six per cent felt more favorably towards the brand and/or product after seeing the ad.”

There is no doubt that the survey produced some mixed results for marketers. Having more ads means more of an opportunity to reach customers, however, if consumers are getting upset by the quantity of ads, it can have a very negative impact. What’s worse is that one marketer’s ads could be negatively impacted by the overall mobile ad environment, which is outside of their control.

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