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Ads on Instagram can now be linked to Facebook Messenger Accounts

Instagram ads have been quite effective for many people, and after the latest update, they may become more so. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, will now allow ads to link directly to the Facebook Messenger app, which can allow the messenger bots to communicate directly with the visitors. This will make it easier to work with potential customers to land a sale.

The Messenger bots are able to do a lot for customers including answering questions, requesting information, and even making a sale. Of course, it is always possible to connect customers to a real person too, should it become necessary.

The new ad options will require that users have the Facebook Messenger app installed on their phones in order to get the functionality. If this app isn’t installed, the ads would simply take them to their device’s app store to hopefully download it.

For companies that are equipped to service their customers through Facebook Messenger, this ad option has a lot of potential to drive sales and build positive relationships with customers and future customers.

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Pesach Lattin

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