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RingPartner Releases Insight Report for Mobile Performance Marketing

RingPartner, one of the first performance marketing companies to focus solely on the click-to-call niche, is excited to release its 2017 Inbound Call and Marketing Campaign Data report. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of inbound calls generated by digital marketing messages across a wide variety of industries, the report offers novel insights regarding performance marketing, mobile interaction and conversions across industries.

As consumers of every generation are increasingly bombarded with digital communications, it remains incredibly necessary that brands embrace the power of humanized exchanges taking place via mobile calls. To understand how today’s buyers want to engage with brands over the phone, RingPartner gathered data based on conversations taking place across North America. As a result, they discerned how various industries fared during 2016 based on the volume, nature and success of calls placed to businesses. Going deeper, they determined what services are more in vogue for 2017 and what times of the year people are most likely to contact a divorce attorney, dating service or home improvement specialist amongst others insights across sectors, times, and campaigns.

The report includes quite novel and, at times, even contrarian information. Samples of some of the insights:

Demand for person-to-person conversations increased from 2016 to 2017.

Call times are up by 113% from 2016 to 2017. As digital marketing continues to dominate the industry, human interaction is actually on the rise.

Call conversion rates depend highly on industries.

Certain business categories stand to learn a few things from other sectors that generally have more success at converting callers into buyers. Real estate had the highest conversion rates during each quarter of 2016, averaging between 73% and 84%, while the next three industries with the highest conversions were legal, medical and student loans.

Interest in divorce skyrocketed between 2016 and 2017.

From 2016 to 2017, call times and conversion rates for conversations with divorce lawyers nearly doubled.

The report itself will be available on request.

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