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Pinterest Introduces Auto-Play Video Ads

Pinterest is finally getting on board with the popular auto-play option for video ads, which other social media platforms have been capitalizing on for some time. These ads are now available for marketers to create and publish to search results as well as people’s feeds. The company has done fairly well with their existing video ads, so allowing the auto-play option will certainly be a good improvement.

Like most other auto-play video ads on other social networks, these will begin playing as soon as they are on the screen, but will be muted. In order to hear sound, the viewer will need to tap the video itself.

At this point at least, these ads are only going to be visible on the Pinterest mobile app, which is where most people use the social network anyway. Video ads can be in any format, though vertical or square are the recommended options. They can also be up to 30 minutes long, which provides for a lot of opportunity to interact with customers if the video is engaging.

The cost per impression is actually quite a bit lower than with other video formats. This is because the video automatically plays, so even if someone scrolls right past it without really paying attention to it, it still counts as an impression. If someone does click on the ad and watch the whole thing, however, it also doesn’t cost them any extra. Marketers who are able to get people to actually watch their videos will be getting a great deal on this format.

This will likely continue to drive up the revenue for Pinterest, especially given that video ads fit in very nicely with the social network as a whole.

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