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Performance Marketers Becoming Savvier with Android while iOS Continues to Dominate for Spending

New research was recently released from Fiksu, which shows that while brands are continuing to spend much more on iOS marketing, performance marketers are capitalizing on the potential that Android is offering to the smart marketers. It has long been known that iOS users tend to spend more than Android users, and are an overall more attractive demographic.

Because of this, most of the big advertisers keep their main ad investments on iOS. A growing number of performance marketers have found that this leaves a lot of open ad spots on Android devices available for very low prices. When properly taken advantage of, this can allow for a great return on investment.

Tom Cummings, who is the VP of New Market Development at Fiksu commented saying, “Brands are flocking to iOS under the assumption that their target demographics are more likely Apple users. This is a great starting place. The iOS ecosystem is less fragmented from a device perspective.”

There is still a lot of movement in this industry, with a growing number of people moving between devices. In the past, those who used iOS and Android would typically be quite loyal to that brand and not change. While this is still true for some people today, far more are at least willing to consider switching to the other platform if they like the latest phones available.

This indicates that their will likely be an evening out of where advertisers are looking to spend their money in the coming years. Marketers will want to make sure they are keeping up with the adjustments that will take place in order to ensure they can get their ads displayed to the best possible audience.

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