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Google Launches Ads Data Hub for Improved Ad Performance Measurements

Google has recently launched a new system that is designed to help marketers manage their campaigns across all the different Google properties. This system, known as Ads Data Hub, is cloud-based and gathers information across AdWords, YouTube ads, DoubleClick, Google Display Network, and much more, bringing all the data into one place.

This system is built on the Google cloud infrastructure and works along with their BigQuery analytics service to help provide impression-level information about any marketing campaign. This effectively combines both mobile and desktop ad campaigns, making it much easier and more effective for marketers to plan and implement a campaign with the search giant.

Geoff Samek, a senior product manager with Ads Data and Privacy for Google, wrote in a blog, “Mobile has fundamentally changed how we live our lives. With our devices never more than an arm’s length away, people can find, watch or buy anything anytime.”

Having the ability to manage a mobile campaign more effectively will help to take advantage of this fact. In addition to watching the current status of marketing campaigns, this system will also store data from past campaigns. Giving marketers the ability to look back at what worked in the past can help to ensure the future performance of campaigns will also be positive.

While most of the data will be gathered and organized using Google tools, the system is also going to take advantage of third-party options from vendors like Nielsen, DoubleVerify, and comScore, to name just a few.

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