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Facebook Says Claims of Emotional Targeting are BS

Despite a report in several journals that Facebook was starting to target people based on their “emotional state,” Facebook has confirmed with that the reports are nothing but pure and total “BS.”  The Australian for example wrote that it allows advertisers to target insecure and vulnerable young people.

The social media platform said cannot target individuals based on their emotional state and that an internal document two sales executives presented to a media agency partner has been misconstrued.

The coverage of the issue centres around a 23-page Facebook document, which it says outlined how the tech giant could identify “moments when young people need a confidence boost”. The article suggests Facebook monitors posts and activity from users as young as 14 to work out their emotional state.

Facebook stresses it does not monitor the posts of individuals or allow advertisers to target ads to audiences based on emotion data.

However, According to Marketing Land, reactions open the potential for emotional targeting. When creating and sharing content on social media, what type of feeling are you trying to elicit from your audience? Developing an emotional target before posting will provide information required to see if content is prompting the best reaction and hitting the desired marks.

Fears about how Facebook uses its vast wealth of user data are nothing new and the social media platform’s ability to hypertarget audiences is one of its major selling points to advertisers.

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