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Three Simple Ways to Drive Performance Marketing

Marketing in itself is an aggressive field, demanding mastery in persuasion and communication skills. When added with the punch of action and goal-oriented specification, marketing becomes performance driven and agiler. Performance marketing makes advertising more responsible, accountable and SMART i.e. specific, measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

While over 60% marketers believe that they are benefiting from programmatic advertising and getting better ROI, performance marketing is still strongly related to specific purpose. The purpose of causing an action. Probably the toughest aspect of human life is to make someone act and do something. People will listen to your idea, they might like your idea, agree with your belief system, share your interactive and emotionally appealing video ad on their social accounts but in spite of all this, will they purchase your product is still questionable.

So, the core thing which affects my ROI is action. Performance marketing is pretty straight. How can I influence people to buy my product? How do I generate more leads? What shall I do differently to get more clicks and acquisition?

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises”. – Mae West

When it comes to performance marketing via mobile, certain measures can be used to get the real results. One can scale and improvise one’s efforts by studying industry trends, new methods and techniques for customization.

Let’s focus on some key factors:

Understanding your niche market and their habits:
Better research leads to better results. In order to serve better, it is crucial to understand the need of your audience. Choose a specific set of audience segment, study consumer generated data and audience consumption pattern.

For example, women download apps, use messaging apps, games and camera apps more often whereas men lead the field in news consumption, GPS and watching videos. While men acknowledge to sports, action, news and sex themes in advertising, while women are interested in pets, children, emotive or family themes. So now you know. What kind of ad-copy, visuals and designs you need to choose if you are targeting for a women-specific product.

Delivering personalized ads at the right moment:
The best part about mobile is the ability to establish intimate and immediate connect with the audience. Delivering the right ad to the right person at the right moment of time leads to the desired action. Mobile advertising works well for those performance marketers who knows how to use the “window of opportunity” correctly.

A study revealed that mobile accounted for 44% of digital advertising this year, there is a huge quantity of mobile traffic waiting to be monetized but the conversion of these traffic volume to bucks demands proper utilization of resources and sensible application of varied features like hyperlocal targeting, geo-specific targeting, day parting, budget pacing, optimization test etc.

A good DSP like MobiVisits can provide you with the tools but how you use these tools to drive performance to your campaign totally depends on your mindset and your personal performance marketing strategy.

Relevant Content Reciprocate Results:
Almost 75% of marketers’ emphasis on attribution tracking, advertisers are aware that data determines strategy and delivers results when we use it in the right way. A number of smart publishers use cookies to capture audience generated information which can be used later to drive sales and performance.

We are in a world of ad-delight where advertising holds the power of capturing the audience by showcasing the audience the exact product or service that deeply interest them. It is a challenging task to accomplish one’s performance goal but using the right tools, techniques and tactics surviving in a mobile-first ambiance is a real adventure that every modern marketer must experience.

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