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Survey Finds Customers will Share Personal Data – In Exchange for Better Deals

A new survey was recently released from YouGov, which asked over 1000 adults in the United states about several things related to personalization, customer experience, and privacy. While there were no bombshell revelations that came out from the survey, it does provide some interesting insights and useful data that many marketers will be able to use today, and long into the future.

One of the key questions asked was what customers would provide personal information in exchange for. Personal information was defined as any (or all) of the following items, “e-mail, age, location, browsing history, preferences, previous purchase, etc.” Some of the answers included:

  • Promotions, discounts and/or deals based on my preferences or account history – This ranked the highest, with 43% of people responding positively toward it.
  • Faster resolution to an issue or concern because my information is already on file – This is another big one, with 39% of people responding in the affirmative here.
  • Auto-Checkout because my personal and payment information is already stored – 31% of people said they would agree to this.
  • I would not be willing to share my personal data for any benefits – 31% of people said they would be unwilling to share personal data no matter what benefits were offered.

It seems that people are moving more and more toward having an accepting attitude toward allowing companies to gather data on them in exchange for a more positive overall user experience. This is obviously a good thing for marketers, and it will also create a better online experience for users. They will begin seeing more targeted ads, personalized information, and much more.

You can see more from this survey HERE.

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