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Mobile Micro-Moment Advertising Changing The Game Explains MobiVisits

In a world where an average person touches his smartphone 2,617 times a day , it won’t be wrong to say that we are a generation dependent on our gadgets and internet. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Getting bored? Check mobile. Want to search? Google on phone. Feeling happy? Share on Social media. Need help? Tab tablet, reach out to your friends. Everything is available within seconds at least virtually, we live in a digitally dominant world.

While technology has its own malice, it would be wrong to underestimate the positive aspects. The lightning fast approach, turning the world into a global village and the idea of holding universe on fingertips has transformed customer’s decision-making process. A smart marketer evolves with time, technology and target market so that he can influence consumer buying decision and make more money using creative, fresh thinking with technology.

According to Google 82% of smartphone users, rely on their phones while making purchase decisions. It also reveals that 69% of online audience agree that their attitude towards a brand is influenced by the context, timing and significance of the promotional content. In a generation driven by immediacy and instant gratification, it becomes crucial for an advertiser to capture the momentary attention at the right moment of opportunity.

Why moment marketing works? It is pretty simple-

  • It is similar to reactive marketing: The concept of showcasing the right ad to the right person is close to the idea of reactive marketing which intends to gratify the needs of the prospect when he is genuinely looking for a response. Nothing works better than a prospect interested with an intent to buy.
  • It satisfies behavioral urges: The success story of mobile marketing is somewhere hidden around human emotions and desire to react in real-time. As a marketer if I happen to crack the code of my consumer’s purchase journey and reach out to him at that “I want to purchase moment,” I ensured my revenue by making my advertising more accountable, filtered and relevant.

Using different facets of mobile advertising, an advertiser can ensure to be available to its audience at these important purchase moments, capturing the attention is to be followed by serving the essential call for action.

In an in-house client survey conducted by MobiVisits, a robust mobile ad-serving platform, it was found that ads that delivered better user-experience within a short interval of time resulted in higher user engagement and more conversions. Thus, being crisp is a bliss when it comes to mobile.

A smart device glued to your customer’s hand can decide the rise or doom of your brand. Modern Customers are aware, engaged and involved and hence delivering a great user experience becomes a priority. A dissatisfied customer can hammer your product’s value within a few seconds by a simple tweet, therefore, fulfilling audience’s expectations is a necessity.

Moment marketing gives you an opportunity to conspire creativity in a way that you charm and entice your audience with your wit. Consider the example of Norwegian Airlines Brad Pitt ad where the company promoted their Oslo to Los Angeles flight with its catchy fair rates and a simple message that reads,” Brad is single.” The campaign was agile and quirky but it truly impressed the audience.

Final Thoughts:

In Mobile advertising getting personal, being spontaneous and user relevant is way more easy than traditional media or any other digital means of advertising. While there is no doubt that advertisers have understood the importance of mobile marketing, 6 in 10 marketers are still in doubt about using the asset of mobile advertising with its full potential.

Adopting the strategy of capturing mobile moments is a definite way of fully utilising the niche of mobile advertising. With a reliable ad serving platform such as MobiVisits, google analytics, Smaato one can accomplish the goal of reaching the right person with a relevant message at the right time.


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Neelam Birthare

MobiVisits is a leading Mobile Advertising Company that helps Brands, Agencies, Local Businesses & Media Buyers get great results from mobile traffic.You can build Custom Audiences, use in-depth targeting options including Hyper Local targeting & engage your customers. Let us help you build and scale your business with our innovative strategies and highly responsive users.

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