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Google AdSense Makes Policy Changes Impacting Many Publishers

Google AdSense is used by many publishers to make money from their content. Depending on the type of page being published it can help bring in a significant amount of money, or be an effective secondary source of revenue. Google is making some significant changes to the platform, which publishers need to be familiar with.

First, they are expanding their hate-speech policy. This policy prevents their ads from being displayed on pages that encourage hate or violence. The updates now include ‘dangerous or derogatory’ content in the list of forbidden items. The type of content that is considered to encourage violence is also being updated so it will include more things.

This change is largely being seen to be caused by the hyper-partisan culture that is sweeping America. People on both sides of the aisle have moved well beyond just disagreeing, and into what Google apparently considers dangerous territory. While sites focused on politics will still be welcome in the AdSense program, they will have to be more careful about the tone of the content that they are publishing.

One other nice improvement that has been made is that AdSense can now block ads on a page level rather than a site level. This means if a website publishes one article that is considered out of bounds by Google, just that page will have the ads removed, not the whole site. Of course, AdSense will still have the ability to ban entire sites if they believe that too much of the content is in violation of their policies.

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