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Revcontent Confirms that They are Purchasing Rover for Granular Personalization

Revcontent is working hard to become a leader in content recommendation, and with this goal in mind, they have purchased Rover. Rover is a personalized content recommendation engine that has been making a lot of news in this area. Rover was formerly called Flipora, and uses machine learning to help identify what people are interested in by looking at their other online activities over time.

The founder and CEO of Rover, Jonathan Siddharth, will be joining the Revcontent team as part of the deal. He will fill the role of Senior Vice President of Technology.

Rover brings more than 40 million registered users as part of the deal. This will bring the total number of users interacting with Revcontent up very significantly. The technology used to help recommend content to these users is also significantly more advanced. According to one comment, the content targeting will be up to 5 times more accurate than existing customers.

“The synergy between the two companies was immediately clear to me. With the performance of Rover’s machine learning technology and Revcontent’s focus on the success of its publishers and advertisers, I expect the combined company to rapidly become the leader in content recommendation advertising,” adds Stephen Oskoui, Rover’s lead investor and a Venture Partner at Founders Fund, a top tier venture capital fund in Silicon Valley.

With Rover’s machine learning technology, Revcontent’s personalization will be 3X more granular than Facebook. The acquisition of Rover’s machine learning recommendation technology will allow Revcontent’s media partners, such as Forbes, The Atlantic, and Newsweek, to build deeper relationships with their users, learning more about their true tastes and preferences, so they can create more of the content their users enjoy. Media partners will also employ Internal Discovery powered by a user’s interest graph, recommending other content from their site that a user is most likely to be interested in. Revcontent’s brand advertisers such as The New York Times, Conde Nast, and Yahoo! can identify unique segments of users who are most likely to be interested in their content, products, and brand, helping them rapidly acquire their most valuable customers.

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