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How to Be The $20k a Month Affiliate

It’s not rocket science.

The transformation that takes place around an affiliate ascending into the 20k plus per month range is one of the most often discussed topics in our industry.  How did they do it?  Who did they bribe? What secret handshake did they learn to pull it off?

Every month I see multiple affiliates pull down more than 20k in revenues.  And each month I wonder why more affiliates aren’t doing it.  Though it’s not anything close to impossible, it does require some work.  But more importantly, it involves working smart.  I’ve attempted to define what “working smart” means by outlining the basic fundamentals that help create 20k a month affiliates.

First, we need to discuss the importance of relevant and thorough SubID Reporting.  The SubID is an alphanumeric value that is added to your Tracking URL.  It enables you to see conversions via these specific values, which can be extremely beneficial for tracking conversions for email lists, sub affiliates,  etc.

If we, as your affiliate managers, are able to gain even the smallest of insights into your mailing operations and access to your SubID reporting, we can help optimize your traffic to get some of the best payout and improve your overall ROI.  Affiliates that allow us this access perform far better than those who do not.

Another major aspect that 20k a month affiliates share would be Custom Creatives.  If you have the capability to develop your own creatives – do it.  It’s that simple.  Of course you need to be sure that the creatives pass our compliance standards and are approved by Adknowledge before you run them.  Providing your clickers and users with creatives that no one else is sending, will prove to be a phenomenal competitive advantage.  If you don’t have the resources, ask your account manager if they can provide you with additional resources for helping with custom creatives.

Finally, we come to probably the most important hurdle on your way to becoming a 20k per month affiliate.  Rigorous Testing.  It’s so simple, and we hear people say it all the time.  But it’s by far the most overlooked and neglected aspect of affiliate marketing.  Testing is the oxygen your data needs to thrive and survive.  Our most successful partners got to where they are today by eating a balanced breakfast, exercising, and then testing their affiliate butts off.

Good testing has to become a habit.  It’s not something you can work on for a couple days, and then conveniently forget about the remainder of the week.  Is it nice outside?  Too bad- keep testing.  Are the Olympics on?  Too bad- keep testing.  Wife having a baby?  Spoiler alert- It poops.  Keep testing.  Keep testing, and then keep track of what tests you have run, and ask for feedback from your account manager about how things looked from the advertiser end.  The more information you can provide, the better we can help improve performance.  Hold your account manager accountable to provide you with the information you need.  We will do everything in our power to provide you with the stats and reports to improve your operations.

So that’s it.  Those are the major components that all of our 20k a month affiliates share.  SubID Reporting, Custom Creatives, and Rigorous Testing.  So reach out to us, let us help you.  We would like nothing more than to see you reach the same income level.  –Or more.  Here is a link to one of our microsites, see what you think, and fill out one of the “get started” forms.  I would love to talk to you about your data, and walk you through your options.  We can get you there one day.

It’s not rocket science.

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Andrew Bishop

Andrew Bishop has been working diligently in the affiliate marketing industry for the past six years and currently is at He has survived a shark attack and a chance encounter with Jerry Lewis. Some say he is part man, part sea-monkey. But regardless, he is a standup guy

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  1. Definitely one of the things I like most about Adk has been how attentive my account manager has been. Not at the 20k mark yet but definitely doing very well!

  2. $20k/mo is easy with a decent bank. Don’t forget to mention you need to either already have some serious properties (with traffic), a base of customers/emails or money for advertising. Also, $20k PROFIT (not rev like you’re talking about) is a snap to pull off when you ditch AM’s and go direct with an advertiser (the less comp the better), push for a top tier margin, get WEEKLY 4 (at worst) payouts and run $1k/day.

    I’ve had 4 consecutive months 6x that amount in profit…just gotta hit the right niche and get the right terms. I don’t know this dude talking, but to anyone out there trying to grind out place in their market, be smart. Dump wack ass companies like NB or CJ, don’t give any AM insight into your campaign and track EVERYTHING.

    You’ll bank…trust me. Or don’t.

    1. Any suggestions as to which affiliate network to go for? I thought Neverblue was a top-tier network.

  3. I’m guessing that you need to have funds to put into your campaigns. The only affiliate marketing I can do is posting content related to the product and hope it draws interested traffic. I’ve learned the different ways to get free traffic from YouTube and some article writing with not much luck, but in the same token you need the time to implement these srategies.
    I would love to try something that does work like mailing a JV list, or even Adwords. Thankfully I have physical clients that provide income for my services but I so want to get involved in affiliate marketing. I’d be willing to barter services to anyone with a list in return I can show you how to get any physical business to the top of a google search. Just a thought that crossed my mind while I was typing but why not if it can work for both of us 🙂
    Thanks for the post it’s always a pleasure learning something new from you guys!

  4. Nice tips and a great way to promote

    20k and up paychecks make me want to check it out. 😀

  5. I must say that I completely agree with article, we have some affiliates doing that amount but regarding Rigorous Testing we have one that after several source testing in a month achieved 250k, seems simple but a good mail database with a “simple” video (again after several test) make the job

  6. As one person above noted, you need quite a bit of patience and testing and some capital on hand first to see which product works and which ad campaign is profitable.

  7. Nicely put, but testing and SubIDs won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have a huge capital to invest in the beginning. For 10 affiliates making 20K+ per month there are at least 100 others that don’t even get close the half of it. Sorry but it sounds a little too optimistic.

  8. and there i was thinking i was making BANK with my 8k a month haha maybe before next summer i can hit 20k but for now ill have to settle with 8 🙁

  9. You hit it right on the nose with Rigorous testing. On average I have to make 4 to 5 changes to campaign to make it profitable. Only about 1 in 10 are profitable right off the bat.

    1. sorry if the questions is stupid – am a newbie, but can you explain how you do test with an example. thanks

  10. We personally never see any affiliate that comes on board have success from day 1 with our program. It usually takes them 2 months or more. Rigorous testing is a must.

    1. Jason, would you please explain more what are we testing? If you don’t mind am a newbie. regards

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