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How Affiliate Marketers Are Scoring 50% Conversion Rates

When you think about affiliate marketing you probably jump to digital tactics like PPC, display, or rewards websites, and lump phone calls in with offline strategies. The truth is, phone calls are quickly taking over the digital landscape due to their increasing volume and high quality nature. In the new Call Intelligence Index, Invoca reports that phone calls have conversion rates anywhere from 30-50%. Are you thinking about reallocating your budget to drive phone calls now?

According to Invoca, 54% of all phone calls come from mobile advertising channels. Due to the rise of mobile adoption, phone calls are blowing up. The online lead form is no longer the go-to method to capture leads, especially for “high-consideration” products and offers — in other words, industries where customers need human interaction before making a purchase. Nearly a third of consumer calls placed in 2014 were concentrated in these types of industries including insurance, financial services, home services, education and automotive.

This is great news for affiliate marketers who are ready to generate and monetize call traffic. Affiliate marketers are not only benefitting from the increase in call traffic, they’re seeing drastic increases in ROI due to the unbeatable quality of phone calls. In fact, Google reports that 61% of mobile searchers say they use click-to-call during the purchase phase, and according to Invoca’s data, phone calls have conversions rates of 30-50% compared to just 1-2% for click traffic.

To see how phone calls are changing the face of affiliate marketing, take a look at Invoca’s newest infographic.

Call Intelligence Index

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Amber Tiffany

Amber brings her experience in B2C and B2B digital marketing and her passion for content to her role as Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Invoca is the leading inbound call marketing solution that empowers advertisers, agencies and performance networks to track, measure and optimize inbound calls. Learn more about Invoca

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