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Gurbaksh Chahal Threats RadiumOne and Attorneys, Attacks Journalists for Fake News.

Former CEO of RadiumOne, Gurbaksh Chahal, who was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend and kicking her over 117 times on video, has decided he has nothing to lose and has gone on a rampage in social media to accuse all of silicon valley of conspiring against him.

Facing one year of jail time after his conviction, he’s used his Twitter following  as a way to attack pretty much everyone, including Venture Capitalists, feminists and the media. His twitter rampage makes Donald Trump’s account seem normal in comparison, and calls his former company’s board and their attorneys, “criminal” among other things.

Even with facing jail, he seems to not be able to keep himself from beating women. Prosecutors said Chahal, 34, attacked a woman in his San Francisco penthouse in 2014, just a year after beating a different woman in the same apartment, and that his actions violated the probation he was placed under as a result of the first case. The judge noted in the case that he had zero remorse and continued to defend his reasons for beating both women.

His story even gets more salacious: In wrongful-termination lawsuit filed by one of Chahal’s former employees, Yousef Khraibut, Khraibut describes how “Chahal, fueled by a toxic cocktail of prescription drugs, party drugs, alcohol, and sycophants, subjected his associates and … employees to daily abuse, humiliation, racist taunts, extortionate manipulation, tales of revenge, and threats of violence.”


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