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AdRoll Kills $3.3 Million Partnership with Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

What do democratic aliens who anally probe Christians have to do with the advertising industry? Well, if you are to believe Alex Jones and his videos, they are working together to discredit both himself and Donald Trump.

Alex Jones Claims its a Conspiracy from the Deep Penetration Ad Companies

AdRoll, the advertising network and agency has decided that it will no longer work with InfoWars, due to the interesting and often “fake news” content of the site.

“This is a platform that Infowars has used to promote its own products to millions across the web and as one of its primary sources of self-funding. In total, Infowars is expected to lose a large percentage of its total income that could be used to hire more reporters, build better studios, get better equipment, and keep on fighting,” Infowars reported.

According to Alex Jones, the reason is simple, as they “Support Donald Trump.”

“When all these big corporations get together and create blacklists of who they want to ban, it’s clearly racketeering,” said Alex Jones in response to the suspension.

In response, they have started a major campaign, calling AdRoll’s decision an assault on the Freedom of the Press, and some of their supporters have claimed on message boards that it was “direct orders from George Soros.”

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