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63% of Adults Hate Mobile Apps Because of Annoying Ads

A new survey commissioned by Tutela asked 600 users in the UK and US about their mobile app usage. In it, they found that 63% of adults avoid apps due to the ‘excessive’ amounts of advertisements. Ads include both third party ads and the apps asking users to upgrade, make a purchase, or otherwise spend money.

It also found that despite the bad press that collecting user information has gotten, most adults are fine with apps collecting mobile usage statistics, and would prefer that to having to pay for downloads or premium features.

The Vice President of Tutela, Tom Luke, said, “Revenue growth is a huge challenge for the mobile app industry. With thousands of new apps being created every day, users are overwhelmed with choice and can avoid or quickly churn away from apps requiring payments or displaying annoying ads. This is where Wireless Analytics Monetization model can come in. Collecting signal strength statistics in the background can help mobile app publishers boost revenue without affecting user experience – while also helping to improve the world’s mobile 4G coverage.”

Still, Moble app use continued on a growth path in 2016, and smartphone users spent a lot more time using them, according to the latest market data from Yahoo’s Flurry. Usage of individual apps increased an average 11 percent year-over-year in 2016, while the time spent using apps surged 69 percent higher, Flurry highlights on its blog.

In terms of growth, Messaging & Social app usage set the pace, rising 44 percent from 2015’s level. Sports app use followed closely behind at 43 percent, while Business & Finance apps rounded out 2016’s leaders by posting a 25 percent growth in usage.

On the other end of the growth spectrum, use of Personalization apps plummeted 46 percent annually, that for Games apps dropped 15 percent and use of News & Magazine apps declined 5 percent.

Coming up with a good balance between customer experience and profits has always been a challenge for mobile app developers.

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