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Most Mobile Users Engage with Ads after 7 Seconds

33Across has just released a report that looked at how online ads perform on mobile devices, and how users interact with them. The report contained a lot of great information that could prove to be very valuable to any marketers who are looking to put ads up on smartphones or tablets.

One of the key pieces of information in the report is that when an ad has been viewed for 7 seconds on a mobile device, there is an over 50% chance that a user will interact with it. The ad could be at the top or bottom of the screen while they are doing some other activity, but it is still visible and competing for their attention. On a desktop, 50% of users will interact with the advertisements, but only after it is on the screen for 15 seconds.

This information is gained from looking at 2823 advertisers who ran more than 160 million ads on a wide range of sites in the US.  This was completed over the course of seven days last September.

They also found that advertisements had a visibility average of 87.5% on desktops, which isnt’ bad at all. This actually goes up to 89.2 when looking at tablets, and 89.8 on smartphones.  This is very important, but it makes a lot of sense. Due to the limited real estate on mobile devices, the ads are positioned more precisely to ensure that they are not only visible, but also that they don’t disrupt the main part of the screen too much.

This is pretty convincing evidence that one of the most important factors in digital advertising is keeping an ad visible on the screen for as long as possible. The longer it is there, the higher the chance that the viewers will tap it.

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