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Pinterest Offering Ad Targeting Based on Brand Related Pins

When a brand is just starting to actively use Pinterest, it can be hard to build up an audience and make it worth their while.  The image based social network, however, is working on solving that problem by giving brands the option to advertise directly to people who have already clicked on or saved pins that are related to that brand.

This is an interesting way to build up engagement and improve targeting for their ads, and will undoubtedly bring in more revenue from brands.

Pinterest’s product manager, Frank Fumarola, said, “Engagement data [like pin clicks and saves] show much higher intent and are more valuable than simply liking a page or following a brand’s account.”

This is likely true given that people click like or follow on many things, even without caring too much about what they are.  Actually spending time looking at a pin or other post, however, has a higher level of commitment, and indicates real interest.

In fact, those who spend time with a pin related to a brand within the last thirty days will make a purchase related to that product 2.2 times more often than those who don’t, according to research done by Pinterest.

The social network will look at a number of factors to determine whether or not a specific pin is related to a brand.  They will even use text and image-recognition to help ensure they are associating different brands for this type of thing.

Overall this should give brands much greater opportunities to advertise and attract new customers, and get an improved ROI for their marketing budgets.

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Pesach Lattin

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