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Michael Kulich Obituary

Baruch Dayan Emes. My friend Michael Kulich passed away on September 24th, 2016.

mikeWe were just talking two days ago about love and relationships, him getting married, and all the amazing things he wanted to do with his life. He shared with me that he got a new offer making twice as much as before with another company and we were talking about negotiations, and was so happy he could support a new family.  He was amazed that someone would pay him so much money to do something he really loved.

We had started talking most recently about his heritage as a Russian Jew, and he was interested in how he could connect with his background.

While he had been in the adult industry for some time, he recently became well known for the public relations stunts he pulled for his client, including the famous sending of Brock Turner, 55 gallons of lube. We had spent hours chatting about different stunts we wanted to do – and eventually he also sent a taco truck to Donald Trump.

He also had a great heart, sending pizza to firefighters and heroes on behalf of his clients. Even though he was busy, he always seemed happy and checked in with me and all his friends. When he went dark, everyone noticed.

Efstathios Maroulis introduced us, and at first I thought he was the ultimate bullshit artist. But we became friends and talked almost every day. Even though I really hated his politics, he never got mean and we would make fun of each others viewpoints. It made our friendship more real.

Condolences and flowers can be sent to his mother Sophia at 4172 Ridgemoor Dr North, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

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  1. Pace, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your good friend. I hope you and his family will find comfort at this time of tragic loss!

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