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Censor Your Instagram Comments with New Feature

If you have thin skin and are easily offended, or your feelings get hurt when people say mean things, the internet might not be the place for you.  Instagram, however, is taking a step toward reducing the amount of ‘inappropriate’ content that you will see on comments on your feed.

Effective immediately, they have released a new filter that will, “Hide comments that contain words or phrases often reported as inappropriate.”

In addition, you’ll have the option to make a ‘blacklist’ of words that you want filtered out of the comments on your posts.

According to Instagram’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, this is a feature that is intended to help create a better community where people are going to feel more comfortable being themselves, without having to deal with the harassment or criticism that is so common online.

Blocking these comments is a simple way to help keep your particular account free from the type of comments that can ruin a page.

Whether you don’t like seeing the negativity yourself, or you’re trying to build an audience of people who want to keep things clean, this is a nice little feature that will make many people’s web-experience much better.

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Pesach Lattin

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