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Selena Gomez Instagram Posts are Worth $550,000 Each?

Most A-List celebrities are racking in millions of dollars per year for their TV shows, movies, music or other events, so they aren’t struggling for cash in most cases.  Most of them, however, have turned to social media for an added income stream to add to their already bulging bank accounts, and it has become extremely profitable.

Celebrities gain millions of followers just by being famous, which gives them a distinct advantage.  When they post about particular brand or product, most people understand that they are getting paid for the post (plus they have to identify the post as being an ad).  So, how much is a single social media post that runs across a celebrity’s social network accounts really worth?

According to recent reports, the celeb that is making the most off of their social media posts is Selena Gomez.  She has millions of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so it is not surprising to know that she makes a lot.  The estimated earning for every sponsored post she makes is $550,000.  That’s right, over half a million dollars per social media post!

This is a ridiculous amount of money, but it is well worth it for the advertisers because of the fact that Gomez has such loyal followers.  They are very engaged with her posts, and when she endorses something, it will undoubtedly make huge sales.

Another advantage of Gomez is that she doesn’t ‘over post’ on her social media.

While she is very active posting non-sponsored content, she keeps the sponsored stuff to a minimum (compared to many other celebs).

While most marketers won’t be able to afford Gomez’s prices, there are many other niche focused social media ‘celebrities’ who can be hired for a much more affordable rate.  Very niche focused social media celebrity posts can be an excellent way to drive engagement and bring in new customers for just about every brand.

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  1. One has to wonder when the FTC will look at these posts which have no disclosure, no disclaimers, and no indication that they are paid for by advertisers or are even ads.

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