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What is Social Media Influence Worth?

Influence Central is a company that helps drive results for brands looking to take advantage of social and other digital marketing strategies.  They have recently conducted an extensive survey looking at just how effective social media marketing is compared to a variety of other options.

The results show that social media is providing marketers with exceptional opportunities for influencing their customers, even though many marketers are failing to use this up to its full potential.

One key point in the survey found that 81% of consumers report that they ‘frequently’ buy items that they saw shared by people on social media.  Social media sharing, it seems, is the new ‘word of mouth’ marketing option.  When done properly, however, marketers can really help to boost this type of posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

81% of consumers also reported that product reviews influence the way they shop.  Since social media gives a great platform for sharing real reviews of products, this can go hand in hand with general social media marketing strategies.

When comparing effectiveness to other media options, the survey found that only 1.9% of respondents said that TV ads impact their decision to buy, and 2.2% of those who see ads in newspapers or other print media.

It is quite clear that social media is one of the most powerful options around when it comes to influencing consumers to actually make a purchase.

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Pesach Lattin

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