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Amazon’s Prime Day 2016 ‘Biggest Day Ever’ for Company

Amazon’s annual ‘Prime Day’ occurred this week, and according to early reports, it was a huge success.  They said that this year’s event was its biggest sales day ever, and that they had 60% higher sales than in 2015.  Notably, they said that mobile sales doubled from Prime Day 2015.

To make the day even better for the company, they sold massive amounts of their own products such as the Fire TV stick (the best-selling device globally), and they also had their largest sales day ever for the Amazon Echo (beating the previous record by more than two and a half times).

Existing users of the Echo system also contributed heavily to the sales of the day.  The Echo system allows users to make orders using just their voice.  To help boost the use of this feature, Amazon offered a $10 off credit for first time users.  While specific numbers aren’t yet out for how popular this was, it is rumored to have been a major generator of sales.

Not surprisingly, many people also signed up for the Amazon Prime service in order to get these deals.  They now have about 63 million US subscribers to the Prime service.

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