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Amazon Dominates on Prime Day

Amazon’s “Prime Day” has already been called a major success this year, but a new report shows just how incredible it was.  A report from Slice Intelligence found that 74% of all e-Commerce that took place in the US on Prime Day went through Amazon.  This is absolutely incredible when you look at how many different e-commerce options there are.  From eBay to, and millions of others, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

The report looked at data from 400 of the top online retailers and over four million online shoppers to make this report, so it is going to be quite accurate.

While it is clearly impressive to get 74% of the entire e-Commerce market, how much of a bump is that for Amazon?  They are always the biggest player in the game.  The report showed that on a normal day, Amazon captures 38% of the US e-Commerce sales.  This means that Amazon just about doubled their normal market share for the day.

To make this day even better for Amazon, many of the customers were signing up for Amazon Prime for the first time, meaning they will likely be back for more throughout the year.  Prime shoppers get several key benefits, which will help keep them loyal year around.

Prior research has showed that an Amazon Prime shopper spends an average of $1200 per year with the company, while other Amazon shoppers spend about $500.

The research from Slice can be found HERE.

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