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Laila Alawa: Illiterate Racists Go After Muslims Using Social Media

Laila Alawa is Muslim, a Syrian immigrant who has helped with the Department of Homeland Security in solving the unique issues in our country. She’s pretty liberal, loves living here, and has been a part of the American Community. She also currently studies at the University of Cambridge, is a writer and h highly educated.

Unfortunately not all Americans are educated, and more than a few are racist who love using social media to torture and harass people differently than them.


Two years ago Ms. Alawa said in a tweet that 9/11 changed the word for good. The phrase “for good” means in this context PERMANENTLY. Well, much of the right wing internet including disgusting racist Colin Curtis, who works for Electronic Zoo Festival, decided to attack her and threaten her to the point of almost being illegal. You can see a great deal of these tweets here.

The problem of social media and the internet continues to be that ignorant people use it to confirm their own stupidity, instead of using it to learn more. A simple search of Laila Alawa would have noted her background, her education, and for those that continue to harass her, a simple explanation of the English language.

Social media does have the power to bring people together, for people to learn about other cultures. However in the case of Colin Curtin, and the other bigots, it only confirmed their racist beliefs, so they decided to harass and intimidate a woman. They didn’t even think their messages might be illegal, unethical, stupid or wrong. Why? Because they just want to hear themselves on social media, and only follow those who have the same ignorant, narrow minded opinions – and they love it.

I’m a 9/11 Survivor. Spent months cleaning up, going to funerals.

I get really angry, even rude and obnoxious to those who call it fake, or worse, blame everyone and anyone for it.

For those who still don’t get it. Ms. Alawa didn’t say anything against the United States. She pointed out what we all know – that 9/11 changed the world permanently, for good.

Strangely, this immigrant knows English a lot better than her attackers.

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