40% of Smartphone Users Hate Mobile Ads

Whenever you are conducting any type of marketing campaign you want to make sure you are getting your message out in front of people who are willing to give it a chance.  While most people don’t ever want to see ads, they typically understand that it is a part of the modern life.  In addition, most people are influenced by these advertisements at one level or another.

To help marketers learn more about the desires of mobile users, SessionM conducted a survey of about 6000 mobile users.

In the survey they asked this question: “When are you okay with seeing ads on your smartphone?”

The answers were somewhat surprising.  The largest category said that they were never okay with seeing ads on their smartphone, with 40.2% of the respondents.  The second largest category at 32.1% said that they were okay with advertisements when they were using free apps.  17.4% said they were okay with it when they advertisements were relevant to them, and another 12.2% said only when it is from a company that they like or trust.  Finally, 5.2% said that they were ok with seeing ads on their smartphone any time.

The respondents were also asked how frequently they wanted their favorite brands to send them push notifications to their phone.  43.6% of people said that they never want push notifications, even from their favorite brands.  Another 19.6% said less than once per month, 14.5% said once per month, 9.8% said once per week and 8.5% said 2-3 times per month.  It is quite clear that people don’t really want to receive these types of notifications, though this does not provide information on whether or not push notifications are an effective marketing strategy.

Whether you listen to the desires of potential customers or not, it is always good to have more information about their preferences.  You can find the full study HERE.

Pesach Lattin
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