ClickBank Makes Internet Retailer Top 100 List


For those in the performance marketing industry, ClickBank is a very well known company.  For people outside this industry, however, it is not a name they have likely heard.  That may be changing for some, however, now that ClickBank has made it to the Internet Retailer top 100 companies list.  Internet Retailer puts together a list of the premier online companies each year, and in the upcoming 2016 list we will see ClickBank at number 87.

This is ahead of household names like Microsoft.  Also on the list are Internet giants like Amazon, Google Play and many others.  Readers will be able to learn more about ClickBank and what they do as the report and stories about it continue to come out and circulate.  This, of course, is a great opportunity not only for ClickBank itself, but anyone in the performance marketing industry.

The more positive press that comes out concerning the industry, the better it will be for everyone.

ClickBank made the list this year thanks to their excellent growth and focus on overall improvement in 2015.  They had growth across multiple categories as well, which undoubtedly helped.  This includes 12% growth in the cooking, food and wine category and a 56% growth in the ‘spirituality’ category.  Other areas that saw great growth were self-help, health supplements and most non-digital products.

You can get the official report HERE.

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