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Your Business Should be on Snapchat and here’s why!

The number of times Mark Zuckerberg attempted to try to purchase Snapchat will tell you the true importance of Snapchat. Snapchat has been touted as the app for the millenials and mostly teens. It has had its share of controversies and also a reputation for being a tool for sexting.

But snapchat has grown in stature and become a powerhouse in the mobile space posing a real threat to Facebook, hence Mark Zuckerberg’s constant attempts at acquisition.

To steer clear from the “Sexting” reputation and be more appealing to advertisers, Snapchat has added features such as “Stories”.  

I list out some reasons why your business should be on Snapchat!

Reason #1: Important Numbers to Keep in Mind

Snapchat’s users view close to 7 billion videos a day! This shows how active  the users of Snapchat are. There are over 100 million monthly active users(MAU’s) on Snapchat.

18% of all social media users in the United States use Snapchat. 65% of Snapchat users contribute daily. This means the number of lurkers are low and this also means that people are more open to sharing on Snapchat(Reasons we will list below).

Snapchat is aimed at mostly young folk and around 30% of millenials (People born after 1982) in the Unites States use Snapchat!

By the time you read this sentence, over 27,000 snaps were taken on Snapchat. 9000 snaps are shared every single second. This is a staggering number.

Selfies are a very important aspect of Social Media activity and 5% of all selfies in the world are taken through Snapchat. Now the next number is going to be Interesting, over 76% of Snapchat users purchase products online.

60% of high schoolers use snapchat on a daily basis. This means more than half of all High School students in the United States are on Snapchat. The millenials constitute 73% of the total user base of Snapchat.

Regular users, who use the app more than 2 to 3 times are week constitute 32% of the total. Users spend on average 30 minutes a day on the app. For a mobile application, this number is huge!

Snapchat Discover which is Snapchat’s attempt at getting brands recognized on their platform has over 60 million monthly visitors. That is over 60% of the total user base check out Snapchat Discover.

Snapchat Discover has on average 110 stories a day. This number is just going to go up.Selfies are mostly a girls thing, but more than 50% of male college students share selfies on Snapchat. This shows how personal the platform is. Snapchat is the social media for Selfies with over 77% of female college students share their selfies on Snapchat.

70% of the total user base for Snapchat is women which is perfect for advertisers because women are more likely to make a purchase online than men. The total number of Snapchat snaps a day are over 400 million.The marketers who use Snapchat are in the 2% range. This shows how untapped Snapchat is compared to Facebook which has marketers in the double digits.

Precisely 58% of students would purchase a product from Snapchat if the brand provided a discount coupon. Snapchat has almost conquered Ireland with more than 63% of the Snapchat users use the app on a daily basis.

Reason #2: Snapchat is Personal

Most users think of Snapchat as a very personal experience and restrict the access of Snapchat to users outside their circle. If highly targeted advertisements with a personal touch come to the feed of these users, they are more likely to engage with your brand.

Reason #2: Young Audiences

Young audiences are more likely to engage with Advertisements and make purchases. Older audiences are more wary of online transactions and are less impulsive compared to the younger audience. And because the age group is so specific, brands that know their products will appeal to the millenials can cash in.

Reason #3: Advertisements are better

Compared to Facebook Ads in Snapchat are more immersive in nature and fill the whole screen, compared to just a small space in an already small screen for Facebook ads.

With Snapchat ads it’s crystal clear that the ads are only for Mobile and hence its omptimized accordingly. Facebook has too many options such as Desktop News Feed, Sidebar and Mobile ads etc.

The ads in Snapchat are much better from an Advertiser’s perspective because unlike Youtube and Facebook, where the users do not have a choice in viewing the ads, in Snapchat it’s always the user’s choice. There are no complications in terms of where the ad is going to be placed and also the experience of an ad on Snapchat is always with sound which is not the case for Facebook.

Reason #4: It’s the beginning of the changing dynamic

The millenials do not watch that much TV anymore and consumer their content on platforms on the Internet. This is a drastic change and brands that are still advertising on TV to target younger audiences are losing the plot.

Snapchat is a great platform that still has kept its personal quality for its users and without being touted as evil. Their advertisement formats are also drastically different compared to that of other social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Snapchat is here to stay and it has in its hold the audience that every brand is vying for, the young ones.

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Ricky Ahuja

A serial entrepreneur, Ricky Ahuja has been known and well respected for his strong acumen as an online marketer and social media expert. . His previous agency was ranked in the Top 10 on 2012 list of the “Top 10 Networks” and was most recently nominated as a Top 20 Ad Network on Blue Book survey by Revenue Performance. He is now the Director at Nutryst and working closely with John Crestani and Steve Lowry to build the leading Nutra only network.

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