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Mobile Digital Growth Continues to Dominate

comScore has recently released a new report that looks at a variety of different aspects of digital use in the US.  The report is titled, “2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus” and has a lot of information covering things like where traffic is coming from, how much growth is taking place, where people are making purchases and much more.  Not surprisingly, the report found that most of the growth in traffic and where people are spending their time online is coming from mobile.  This includes mobile apps, which is among the fastest growing segments.

Since December of 2013, the report found that the total share of digital time spent on mobile devices went from 53% up to 65% today.  This is quite a jump, and it appears to have come from time spent on desktops, which went from 47% in 2013 down to 35% today.

When looking at the median audience sizes for digital media properties, mobile comes in at 120% compared to properties that have desktop only systems.  This is a clear indication that having a mobile friendly systems will dramatically increase the traffic and interaction from users.

You’ll also find in the report a breakdown of where people are spending most time on mobile verses digital.  For example, 94% of traffic on maps takes place on mobile devices compared to 6% on desktops.  Desktops still dominate on portals where 69% of traffic on the desktop and 31% on mobile.  Mobile has gained 4 points there in the last year, however.

You can see the full report for free, though they do require you to register for it, HERE.

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