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Instagram Looking to Expand Video Marketing for Brands

Instagram has recently confirmed a new feature that will make it easier to explore videos based on the users specific interests.  The app, which is owned by Facebook, was made as an image sharing service but has been quickly expanding into video over the past several years.

The Instagram team made a blog post that confirmed they will curate content  from the popular Coachella music festival (which took place last weekend).  Featuring videos from major events like this is a big opportunity for big companies that can sponsor the events.  Instagram has also been looking into streaming events like the Golden Globes and college football games.

Marketers have already been using Instagram (both images and videos) for years to drive traffic and sales.  The improved algorithm and ability to curate content will give marketers added opportunities to get their content in front of an interested audience.  While it won’t directly increase the amount of views, it should help to ensure the viewers are those who will actually be interested in what the content is saying.

Many people in the industry expect that this is just one step in Instagram’s journey toward becoming a more effective marketing platform (both for organic traffic and paid opportunities).

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Pesach Lattin

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