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Free Advanced Audience Analytics Tool Launched from News360

News360 has been using an advanced analytics tool internally for years to help track and optimize data for their six million users.  They have just announced that they have redesigned the tool and are launching it for external customers.  The tool uses machine learning to help track information about which topics are creating the most engagement for website, apps and other digital platforms.  The system is set up specifically to help publishers and content marketers to learn more about what works and why.

The tool is being called NativeAI and is being launched this week.  It is a free tool and appears to have some very effective features that will help marketers to get useful information that can be used to make their content and publishing efforts much more effective.

You can create reports that are used by publishers to choose content topics that generally get the highest responses within their niche.  The tool is able track more than one million topic categories & sub-categories to help get the best results.  Most other similar tools are limited to a much smaller number, which leaves publishers needing to manually figure out more specific areas of interest for their target audience.

This is apparently the first of several new tools that News360 is looking to create and launch for their users.  At this point these are all going to be free tools but they are looking into different options for monetizing them in the future.  You can learn more about the tool HERE.

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