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Study Shows Google & Amazon Top Sites for Gift Ideas

A new report from Searchmetrics has found that when it comes to looking for gift ideas, Google and Amazon are the #1 destination.  62% of US consumers, the findings say, will do research on Christmas gifts using Amazon this year.  44% will be using Google searches to do their research.  While nobody will be surprised to learn that these two tech giants are very popular for holiday gift ideas, these numbers are quite impressive

In addition, the findings showed that 67% of people are using their smart phones for the research, with 20% saying that they will use their phones exclusively.  This is a huge uptick in the number of people moving to smart phones for this type of thing compared to last year.

While Amazon and Google are the biggest destinations, other sites are also getting a lot of traffic.  Facebook, for example, had 27% of people using it for gift research.  Pinterest also had 27% and eBay 23%.  Using these sites to come up with the perfect gift ideas does make holiday shopping a lot easier, and it can also save the consumers money.

One nice thing about all these sites is that it is possible for marketers to use them to drive sales and brand awareness.  Marketers can use Amazon reviews (legitimately written) to help gain trust with consumers.  Google results , of course, can be improved using SEO techniques.  If you don’t want to do these types of things, you can always buy ads on Amazon, Google, eBay, Pinterest or any of the other major destinations for holiday shoppers.

The information from Searchmetrics was gathered from a survey of 2000 US adults on November 24th, 2015.  You can learn more from Searchmetrics HERE.

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