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The Real Story of Josh Royal of Aventus Digital

Josh Royal is the co-founder and CEO of Aventus Digital, a large marketing agency that today is generating over $8 million a month in revenue

Josh Royal is the co-founder and CEO of Aventus Digital, a large marketing agency that today is generating over $8 million a month in revenue.  The company provides a variety of services including digital marketing services, company branding and development (web design, advertising, etc) and promoting their own line of nutraceutical products.  So, what makes Josh Royal and his company more than just another successful digital company in America today?  The back story.

Here at Performance Marketing Insider we report news, trends, guides and much more to help performance marketers at all levels.  One question that we frequently get from readers isn’t so much about the marketing side, but about the possibilities.  Marketers who are just starting out often want to know if it is actually possible to go from nothing to bringing in thousands, or even millions of dollars per month.

To answer this question we worked with Josh Royal because of his particularly inspiring ‘Rags to Riches’ story.  As you will see, Josh didn’t accidentally find success in digital marketing and he certainly wasn’t handed a thing.  He worked his ass off to get where he is today.  So, whether you’re just starting to think about performance marketing as a career or you’ve already started to have some success, enjoy the story of Josh Royal and become inspired to take your life to the next level.

Humble Beginnings

Josh was raised in a single parent household by his Mother.  While she was never afraid of working hard, she also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which left her disabled.  They lived in a small home, often barely having enough to meet their day to day needs.

At only 16 Josh had seen impressive returns from his affiliate marketing efforts and dropped out of high school to commit more time to his newfound passion. He found that this type of work really resonated with him because he was directly responsible for his own successes or failures.  The harder he worked, the more hours he put in, the more successful he became.

Fighting for Success

Although he dealt with multiple setbacks in his first few years, Josh was able to pay off his Mothers mortgage at only 20 years old.  Using the money left over, Josh reinvested into his own business to keep it growing and successful.

Understanding the many “perils of productivity” inherent to working from home, Josh spent most days at a local Starbucks, working from open to close to test different methods of promotion. Although he admits these long days seemed countless at times, seeing his business grow and learning more about the industry motivated Josh to push forward.

Aventus Digital Today

Today Aventus Digital employees around thirty people working as web designers, customer service professionals, marketing experts and more.  The business is based out of Myrtle Beach, SC though Josh works remotely from his waterfront condo in Charleston, SC.

Josh is committed not only to the success of the company, but also his employees and the community at large.  Aventus Digital regularly donates to local charities and causes to help others who are in need.  As the company continues to find more and more success each year, the opportunities to grow personally and professionally keep coming for Josh as well.

Hard Work Pays Off

As you can see, Josh’s ‘Rags to Riches’ story is based on hard work and dedication to himself and others every step of the way.  While many so called ‘gurus’ in the performance marketing industry today try to tell people that they can get rich working online just a couple hours today, Josh took the road less traveled.  While it often wasn’t easy, the rewards are self-evident.

As a digital marketer, you absolutely must follow the lead of Josh Royal and his team with Aventus Digital.  Put in the hours.  Learn from mistakes.  Never give up and before you know it you will have more success than you could have ever dreamed of.

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