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Dennis Yu to Star in Game of Thrones

The online marketing blogshphere was abuzz this morning with the news that Marketer and part time crochet aficionado Dennis Yu had accepted a reoccurring roll on the hit HBO Show, Game of Thrones. Yu, who became famous in 2009 with his expose of Facebook scams, is currently the owner of BlitzMetrics a marketing company that connects people with 404 pages in unique fashions that assist with their online marketing efforts.

We learned from Yu today, that according to the Hollywood Reporter, the producers of Game of Thrones approached Yu three years for a guest role, but he didn’t take it originally. He told us that he didn’t originally want to take it, because he “knew that the show wouldn’t take off, that it was never going to succeed in the current marketplace.” He changed his mind and reproached them this year and was offered a reoccurring role starting this Spring.

He told PMI that he was going to star as Possay Lannister, the long lost brother of Tyrion Lannister and also, a “little person” who is vertically challenged. The role will have him being “deaf, dumb and blind” and unable to communicate with anyone else, and mainly makes grunting sounds during the whole movie.

Yu did mention that he was however looking forward to a possible romance story line with Daenerys Targaryen, played by the gorgeous Emilia Clarke — and there was some conversation with the producers about a sex scene with both of them naked. “I’m happy to show that the stereotype about Asians is not true, and that I’m actually quite endowed – and have been practicing twice a day for this possible scene.”

Dennis Yu Promo Photo
Dennis Yu Promo Photo
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