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CCDR Launching Click-to-Call Product

CCDR, which is the cross-channel direct response division of CPXi has officially announced the launch of their new click-to-call business.  Click-to-call marketing has been exploding in popularity over the past year, and it is expected to continue well into the future.  As more and more marketers are using this technique, it is becoming very clear that it is an extremely successful way of driving sales in virtually every industry.

The new service from CCDR has been in beta testing up until now, and during this testing the division observed a 257% month-over-month increase in adoption rates.  They are using Invoca as their exclusive post-click mobile attribution platform.  Invoca has a proven record of success in this area, which makes them the ideal choice for CCDR.

CCDR Media VP of Sales, Jonathan Rykman, said of this new service, “While Click-to-Call is not new to the digital landscape, the fact is that until recently the use and adoption of it has lagged largely because the reporting and technology had not yet caught up with the need for measuring performance beyond the click.  A platform like Invoca provides that kind of post-click data and analysis in real-time, which has allowed us to greatly expand our knowledge and optimization capabilities in this flourishing direct response channel.  Having this information is vital to the success of any campaign, not only for the ability to scale to large volumes, but more importantly being able to generate the highest level of quality for our clients.”

This new platform will help to improve transparency concerning how the customers are being attracted.  Being able to identify the activities that lead up to calls, including traditional web browsing, mobile activity and offline touch points is very important.  Beyond that, this service will help link those activities to what customers do after they ‘tap-to-call’ a brand.  This can help to develop information regarding which marketing strategies will be most effective not just in driving calls, but in driving actual sales.

Jeff Hirsch, President of CPXi, says, “We see a real opportunity in the future of direct response campaigns that originate online but are designed to generate and measure offline actions.  Marketers that are not leveraging click-to-call advertising to drive inbound calls are missing out on high value leads.  CCDR Media now helps advertisers integrate valuable click-to-call campaigns into their direct response mix, with robust reporting and analytics.”

Given the fact that the US alone has approximately 200 million smartphone users, millions of whom are already using the ‘click-to-call’ features that are available, this move is clearly a smart choice for CCDR.  This new service will allow marketers to take their click-to-call strategies to the next level.

In an exclusive comment for Performance Marketing Insider, Jonathan Rykman, Director of Business Development at CCDR Media, said, “We have been steadily increasing our call volume every month with more & more advertisers making the move to leverage click to call for their marketing efforts.  With new technology constantly evolving in this space, deeper analytics & post click data at your disposal, you can now optimize your campaigns, in real time, to generate the highest levels of quality for your clients.  This will only continue to improve as cell phone usage readily expands everyday and the marketplace for click to call continues to grow alongside it.”

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