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Ed Magedson founder of facing Criminal Charges

According to recently unsealed court documents, (ROR) and its founder are under investigation and may face criminal charges for a conspiracy that includes extortion, obstruction of justice and witness tampering in connection with a 2011 murder trial of Tracy Richter, who was the ex-wife of one of ROR’s most vocal critics – Michael Roberts.

Ben Smith, District Attorney for Sac County, Iowa is taking on the most notorious gripe site on the internet. To say this is a David versus Goliath battle is an understatement since Sac County has a population of 10,071, whereas ROR has that many unique visitors every 45 minutes.

The 124-page document details how a ROR smear campaign against Roberts escalated and stumbled into Sac County by including witnesses in the Richter trial and even Smith himself, as his face is on every one of the 1.8 million pages of ROR content. Smith contends there is “no greater threat to our the livelihoods and personal reputations of the people brave enough to testify against them in open court.”

The investigation will have a major impact on the reputation management space, since the document reveals widespread use of potentially illegal SQL technology to remove listings by many reputation management companies – including This raises serious questions as to whether reputation management companies merely mechanized and optimized online defamation to generate business for themselves.

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Bennet Kelley

Bennet is a leading Internet lawyer who has been in the forefront advising, testifying, lobbying, litigating, writing and/or presenting on cutting edge issues such as spam, spyware, keyword search liability, online marketing, net neutrality, cyber harassment, cyber security, internet gambling and FTC compliance.

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  1. This should be interesting to watch. If in fact there was a smear campaign against businesses in order to create business, that will not only affect reputation management companies, but all of us. Many companies are already not trusting when it comes to internet marketing, and things like this will not help in the long run.

    1. Which government? How would it regulate internet pages that are hosted outside its borders?

  2. This is insane. I called the BBB and there are 56 UN resolved complaints. He is also charging people up to $2000.00 to have damaging reports removed. Then there are the complaints that say that he then puts a cover up above the original posting and does not even remove the incriminating text. Here let me help with the research. I’ll post the direct link so everyone can see for themselves.

    <a href="

    This criminal should be locked up and banned from using the internet to ruin businesses. I have not had my company for very long and it is completely destroyed by a vindictive ex wife. This web site destroyed my company.

    On top of all this if you look at there website you will see he bashes the Better Business Bureau in many different ways.

  3. Yes, indeed, Michael. You are a liar! Someone vindictive, as you say, doesn’t give you $6,000 over two years for your business license, counseling, computing equipment, a nice terabyte drive, a really nice printer, etc. Gifts from me and your children too! The only vindictive person is you, Michael- what you did to our daughters and no apology and allowing Mary to harass me and our daughter! Our four children do not deserve this and if your business fails it is because you are more concerned with harassing your family than running the business you started with your family in 2000. Your daughters and I helped you design and pass out flyers and went on jobs with you, remember????? I had never heard of Rip Off Report before you posted it on the fake Google acct you made in my name and read the comments from your customers and your friend Michael Peterson. To sum it up, never asked you for a dime of alimony or child support after 26 years and 7 kids and COULD HAVE, but instead, GAVE to you, and you know it’s true and have all receipts!!!!!

  4. Obviously this is hate here and has nothing to do with the topic. This post by Julie and this post should be removed.

    Leave me alone !

  5. Michael- I would appreciate it if you and your lover, Michael Peterson, would take down your defamatory posts on Rip-off Report and the fake Google + account made in my name. I had never heard of Rip-off Report before your posts on fake Google account. My suggestion to you would be to try and resolve your customer’s complaints and strive to do better next time. That is all any business can do. Please leave me out of your, Michael Peterson’s, Mary’s and anyone else you associate with’s business. I do NOT have the time! Just trying to support your two teenage daughters, your son and your newborn baby that you wronged, abandoned, and refuse to support… Thanks!

  6. Victims of Ripoffreport can join us in a boycott action group on facebook, just search for “Ripoffreport Revolt”

  7. Hi,  my name is Kiva Holly-Wood. I am a victim of Rip off report. 4 years ago,  I had someone hurtfully report me to after an individual paid me $175 for comp cards, business cards and portfolio. I have full proof showing that I delivered the services as promised,  however this individual has insisted on harassing me through rip-off report since 2009. My name,  livelihood, character, reputation,  and quality of life have been shattered as a result of these reports. The reports have no legal verification or bearing of fact. They are just hateful acts of opinion that can be found at the top of every major search engine if googled or searched. I am aware that this is not global warming,  war,  or a catastrophic trauma that could undoubtedly take precedence… But the following scenario is affecting millions of people all over the world… 


    An angry person A,  reports person B to Person A has a choice to list their name or remain anonymous,  and are then allowed to say anything they want about Person B. Person B has no recourse if they don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to give to online reputation specialists or attorneys. Person A gets to hide behind a computer, while Person B is injected into a life of hell. 

    My personal scenario is that I am an educated, professional dancer,  model,  and choreographer. I am a loving mother of a 17 year old son, 
    and a devoted wife to my wife. My son, wife, friends,  and family have watched me sink into a severe depression because ANY TIME someone googles my name,  the first thing they see is Rip Off Report stating that I am a LIAR,  THIEF, EXTORTIONIST, CON- ARTIST, SCAMMER,  etc. I have lost countless opportunities as a result of being searched for online.  I am a good person,  with a huge passion for dance and the creative arts,  but I can not use my voice or expertise because I am always in fear of my online reputation. Rip Off Report is owned by Ed Magedson,  who has no regard for what his website has done to millions of people. His website allows people to use computers as weapons of mass destruction to a common individual,  entrepreneur,  or business. 

    How am I to just accept that this is how the rest of my life will play out? I am currently in a state of severe depression,  and I know that there are people just like me that only have 1 wish to be released from The Rip Off Report gates of hell. My life has been destroyed over $175 dollars. I am in NO Way asking for money to help me…. I’m writing this as an attempt to create awareness for a major issue that is affecting millions of people. Rip Off Report is the kiss of death to anyone trying to make something of themselves. It doesn’t allow anyone the chance to overcome what has been said about them because they refuse to remove ANY reports from their database. The website actually crashed today for the first time in its history for about 10 consecutive hours,  and it was the first time that anyone had a glimpse of hope at getting the negative links removed from Google. The site is now back online,  and I am personally back in agony feeling trapped. Consequently,  I have been suicidal as a result of this turmoil,  and am taking anti-depressants to help me manage my depression,  but I want to give an aggressive fight with all that I have to get relief for myself and everyone else to have this site taken down. If people have a grievance against someone, they need to take it to court. If people have an issue with a business, they need to go to the Better Business Bureau or take it to court. It should not be legally ok to just spew venom on innocent people leaving them tormented for the rest of their lives. Please help me take a Stand Against Rip Off Report.  This is a good cause to support and bring awareness to. People will come forward to speak out about their detriment in attempt to get the same relief that I am in need of. Thank you for your time. I can be reached through Facebook,  or via email at

  8. Ed is a scammer him and I got into a argument and he made duplicates of 1 report and now wants me to pay his $75,000 to have them removed are you kidding me and he’s lucky enough to be alive still.

    I’m coming out with a new product for the United States to create jobs and ed is blackmailing me to pay him $75,000 to remove them lol..
    I’m goin to shit him down if no one has the balls to stand in COURT and tell the judge that Ed is using a law to SCAM PEOPLE..

    1. What I meant to say is that Ed needs to be removed from internet and shut down!!!!
      He’s trying to SCAM me for $75,000 and he made duplicates because him and I got into a argument and he texted me about my mom saying awful things have the proof to show and he told me that if I keep bothering him he’d have my cell phone number turned off and I laughed at him but ed will get what’s coming to him.

      PRISON TIME !!!!

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